• Dorothy Moreno, RN, BSN, LE

Those stubborn gray hairs....and how Electrolysis is the solution!

For many people they are a major problem, and one that laser can not help. So how can you permanently remove hair that is gray, coarse and hormonal in nature? Laser hair removal simply does not work because it is a light based energy which seeks pigment or melanin to absorb that energy - the more melanin, the more light energy is absorbed to destroy the hair. Gray, and other pigment deficient hairs, such as blonde, red, light brown and white hair, do not have any or enough melanin to absorb laser light energy, so no destruction of the hair can occur.

The one and only permanent solution to gray hair removal is Electrolysis! Electrolysis physically targets the hair root, by using a fine sterilized probe, inserted into the hair follicle. Each hair is destroyed at the growth center, also know as the root, using 1 of 3 energy methods. Heat energy (aka themolysis), chemical energy (aka galvanic), or heat and chemical (aka Blend). These methods are effective on ALL hair types, including gray, blonde, red, light brown and white hair.

With modern medical Electrolysis devices, virtually all areas of the body can be treated with equal success, minimal discomfort and virtually no side effects. It is a good time in history to solve these challenging hair removal problems, permanently!

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