• Dorothy Moreno, RN, BSN, LE

Electrolysis - Since 1868

For many people, it comes as a surprise to learn electrolysis has been the medical treatment for permanent hair removal since 1868, that is nearly 150 years!

While the basic concept has remained the same over the years, some things have changed, such as equipment & techniques which have greatly improved. The equipment we use today is state of the art - computerized, digitally controlled, and uses the fastest application available. This means effective, comfortable treatments with minimal discomfort and reaction.

Additionally, our staff is continually training and learning up to date computer programs for electrolysis which allow for truly individualized treatments, such as a Blend and Multiplex. This means that even the most sensitive skin can be treated with comfort & minimal reaction.

It is our goal to continually provide the most up to date treatments available as our profession and equipment evolve!

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