• Dorothy Moreno, RN, BSN, LE

Frieda Lefeber Celebrates her 100th Birthday!

Many of our clients know our Electrolysis practice has served the community for decades. I have been at the helm for 25 yrs this year, but not so many of you know Frieda Lefeber, RN, CPE who founded the practice 55 yrs ago. Frieda left Morristown to relocate, not to retire; a word that does not seem to be in her vocabulary! Since her relocation, she completed her degree, a BFA from Penn Academy of Art, at 83 yrs of age. At 88, she wrote her inspiring autobiography. In her spare time, Frieda also became a gourmet chef - heart healthy of course, and an accomplished artist, while remaining incredibly active with daily exercise. On March 21st, Frieda celebrated her 100th birthday with friends and family, and in the same month, she organized her first solo art show of almost 50 of her paintings!

Congratulations Frieda!

Kiwi popsicle

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