Electrolysis was developed over 100 years ago and remains the only method approved by the FDA for proven permanent hair removal.


Electrolysis permanently removes hair in the designated area by using a fine sterile, disposable probe to apply a pre-measured amount of current to the hair root at the base of the hair follicle. This destruction of the hair root and germinating cells in the hair follicle prevent new hair growth in that follicle- Forever! And without any permanent damage to the surrounding tissue.


State of the Art computerized, digital equipment and licensed, medically trained professionals provide clients with Electrolysis treatments that are effective, comfortable and affordable.


Following a treatment plan designed for each individual and his/her specific needs, clients can look forward to beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin on virtually any area of the body, Permanently and Safely!


If you are looking for the Permanent Solution for beautiful, hair free skin.....




Question:   What are the causes of excess hair?


Answer:   Hair growth is the result of heredity and hormonal levels. Also, some drugs, temporary methods of hair removal, and some illnesses can stimulate hair growth. Usually, hair growth is desirable. But when hair is on the wrong part of the body or in excessive amounts, whether it is the face, torso, or extremities - you should consider Electrolysis.


Question:   Are the results truly permanent?


Answer:   Yes!   Electrolysis is the only scientifically proven method of permanent hair removal. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, or using depilatories provide only temporary solutions to an ongoing problem and can cause skin irritations and accelerated regrowth. Electrolysis may require a greater time commitment than any of the above, but when completely and skillfully accomplished, electrolysis is the only means to safely and permanently eliminate the regenerative ability of hair follicles.


Question:   Is electrolysis painful?


Answer:   It is impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without some type of sensation being present. 

Many people would compare this sensation to a tolerable pinch. The 

actual discomfort level varies from person to person, but there is one thing to keep in mind – the sensation felt during electrolysis is assurance that destruction of the hair follicle is taking place.


Question:   Will electrolysis damage skin?


Answer:   Slight redness or temporary swelling of the skin may occur immediately following treatment. Occasionally, small scabs or whiteheads may appear that are part of the natural healing process. All of the above are temporary effects of the electrolysis process and will disappear quickly with no permanent damage or markings to the skin.


Question:   What about cost?


Answer:   Remember, electrolysis removes hair permanently whereas temporary methods require continuous treatments and often compound the problem. Electrolysis is far less expensive overall when considering the cost, time, and effectiveness — providing a wonderful lifetime investment in hair-free skin, enhancing ones self image.


Question:   Is Electrolysis FDA approved?


Answer:   Electrolysis is approved by the FDA as the only permanant hair removal method.


Electrolysis Q & A

Who We Treat:









We Provide Complimentary Consultations For All Electrolysis Clients


Electrolysis works by treating each hair follicle individually and destroying the root, so how long the process would take depends upon volume which varies for each client. Our office offers a complimentary consultation to evaluate your unique situation.


Electrolysis price per appointment


15 min     $45.00

30 min     $80.00

45 min     $95.00

  60 min     $110.00

  75 min     $135.00

  90 min     $160.00

 105 min    $185.00

 120 min    $210.00



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Cancellation Policy


We reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee equal to the scheduled appointment price, when any appointment is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.


Electrolysis Pre-Care

Electrolysis Post-Care

Tips To Increase Comfort and Minimize Reactions:




Immediately Before Treatment:

  • Remove make-up on treatment area

  • Try an analgesic 30 min prior to treatment, such as Tylenol, Advil, etc. (Unless contraindicated)

  • Apply ice pack 5-10min prior to treatment



Preparing for treatment:


  • Avoid tweezing, threading or waxing the treatment area. You may trim or shave the hairs prior to your treatment, but the hairs should be about 1/8" in length in order to be treated. 







Post Treatment Care 24-48 hr (as needed):

  • Apply ice to treatment area. Ice is provided before and after your appointment.

  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel


  • Avoid Cream Moisturizers & Liquid Foundation

  • Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

  • Sea Salt & Water Treatment (Instructions Below):





If you are experiencing scabs, whiteheads, tenderness, etc. follow the directions below:


  • Dissolve 3 Tablespoons of Sea Salt in 3 Cups of tepid water

  • Soak washcloth/gauze in Sea Salt mixture and wring out.

  • Apply washcloth/gauze to the affected area for 10min, 2-3 times a day


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